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Our Vision

The vision of Christ Church is to become an inclusive community that reflects, embraces, and responds to the mystery and challenges of the human condition, in the name of Jesus.

How Do We Believe?

Believing in someone is to trust that person to be reliable. For instance, when a mother feeds her newborn child every day, the baby learns that her mother will be there to provide nourishment.  When a father holds his child wrapped in a warm blanket every night to gently rock to sleep, the infant learns about another reliable source of comfort.

In that same way, all of us learn to trust in God by our experiences with God’s people.

At Christ Episcopal Church in Dayton, Ohio, we take our relationships with others very seriously.  We know that our actions often carry divine meaning that others receive. Our beliefs are much more than accepting certain propositions as true. Our Beliefs |Christ Episcopal Church Dayton Ohio We strive to become the kind of caring people who reflect the image of God in whom we are created.  We may not always get it right since none of us is perfect.  But our clear commitment to becoming the best reflections of God that we can be is sincere and purposeful.

Whether we’re worshipping God, sharing a meal, serving the poor, talking about theology or yesterday’s ballgame, we’re building trust that can lead to greater faith and belief.

Another way of talking about faith is to understand that life is a journey, a walk with God. It’s not a static place.  Instead, faith comes through an engagement with God that is always changing and evolving.

Do you struggle with questions of faith or belief in God? Do you feel a spiritual tugging on your heart, but aren’t sure what actions you should take?

We would consider it an honor to speak with you!  Contact us.  Join us for worship and participate in feeding the hungry.  Come to a program of beautiful and inspiring music.  You’re welcome to sit in on a Sunday morning forum and join the discussion, or just sit back and listen to a sermon.

It is our prayer that wherever your life journey may take you,  you may find the peace, love, acceptance, and passion for God.


 Food PantryWhat is Our Calling?

Our calling is to serve our city and her people in the name of Jesus.

We’ve been active in this vocation for a very long time.

We are always praying for the welfare of the Greater Dayton community, her leaders and residents. Weekly, we remember by name those who have died untimely deaths in the Miami Valley.

We host many programs, concerts, performances, and community events, including Youth First, Dayton Music Club, The Living Beatitudes Community, and many 12-step groups. Our signature outreach program, CityHeart, provides hospitality and assistance to people in need every weekday

In November, our four-day Waffle Shop provides homemade waffles, sausages, and other delicious treats to our community.  Most of the proceeds are distributed to programs beyond the church, which feed the hungry and meet other human needs We join with many partners in Rebuilding Together Dayton rehabbnf houses one at a time.  Christ Episcopal Church in Dayton regularly serves meals at the homeless shelters and supports the Dayton Episcopal Food Pantry.

We know without a doubt, that our calling is to serve the city and her people. Our church has been an incubator for many ministries, including The Miami Valley Pastoral Counseling Center, Planned Parenthood, Center City School, The Other Place (now “Homefull”, which serves the homeless), The Suicide Prevention Center, and New Choices Program for challenged youth.

How blessed we are to have these opportunities to live our calling each day! We extend an invitation to you now to join with us!

People of Jesus | Christ Episcopal Church Dayton Ohio.

Whose Are We?

Decades ago, it was enough to ask people about where they belonged.

But for many people today it’s not enough to say what church or organizations they are part of. The question has shifted. To whom do you belong? We really want to know what passions you have, what kind of things motivate you, what commitments you have made, and what relationships you have.

We are not ashamed to tell everyone that we belong to Jesus  We’re his people.  We dedicate our lives to follow his teaching and work toward a world where people love God and love others.  This is not simple, and it requires hard work to act lovingly to all; especially when it is most challenging to do so.  Yet, this is our calling.

We believe that in the life of Jesus we can see the fullest expression of divinity. He still comes to us.  When we hold events, we often say, “Jesus is getting ready to come through the door.”  When we walk among our neighbors, we do so with the knowledge that God is still with us.  We’re confident that God is always present wherever we go.

Jesus Christ & Children | Christ Episcopal Church Dayton, OhioWorship Times

Sundays, 8 am: Holy Eucharist and sermon.

Sundays, 10:30 am: Holy Eucharist, sermon and music.

Wednesdays, 12:10 pm: Holy Eucharist, Laying on of Hands and Anointing. Homily (short sermon) Prayers for those who have died untimely deaths in our region as the result murder, suicide, or accident.

Saturdays: 5 pm, Evening Prayer, Holy Eucharist and sermon.


Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 9 am-Noon; and 1-4:00 pm


Children & Youth

Programs are offered during the months of September through May. Classes are each Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10 am. Nursery services for infants and toddlers are provided each Sunday morning from 9:00am until 12:00pm (noon). All children and youth classes are designed to be age appropriate and group graded.

 Adult Forum

Sundays from 9:00 to 10:00am, held in the Parish Hall of the Church.  The Adult Forum is for those who want to expand their knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, theology, Christian mission, and how faith can be part of our contemporary life and issues.


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Weekly Worship Times

Sundays: Holy Eucharist and Sermon at 8:00am. Sermon and Music at 10:30am.
Wednesdays: Holy Eucharist at 12:10pm with Healing and Special Prayers.
Saturdays: Holy Eucharist and Evening Prayer at 5:00pm.

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Quick Contact

Christ Episcopal Church

20 West First Street
Dayton, Ohio 45402
Phone: 937.223.2239


Rector John Paddock